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5 Questions to Ask Kitchen Remodeling Contractors before starting your project.

Kitchen remodeling is important and should be given the attention it deserves. When you

have the idea of the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, you need to have a contractor

who will get the picture and bring your dreams to life. Before you ink that agreement with

the remodeling contractor, there are questions that you simply must ask if you want to

avoid any disappointments.

1. What type of contract is used?

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors use two types of contracts:

-The cost plus contracts: these are most common because they usually benefit the

contractor. In these contracts, the client agrees to pay the building expenses stated

in the contract plus profit. Building expenses include direct costs and overhead

costs. The ‘plus’ is a predetermined fee or a percentage of the construction fee. Cost

plus contracts are nerve wrecking for those on a budget

-Fixed price contracts: the burden is placed on the contractor to go through all the

details of your kitchen and to outline every cost including clean-up costs. These

contracts often indicate that the contractor has experience, deep knowledge and is

confident about the work they do unlike those with cost plus contracts.

2. How long will the project take?

Having a clear picture of when the work will start and will end is necessary. Your

contractor may promise you finish your project in a few months but is also good that you ask other follow up questions like:

  • Are they working on any other projects that may affect your project?

  • How will they handle any delays to the schedule?

  • Will the set aside time to inspect any structural issues that will impact the renovation before setting the timeline?

Unlike popular contractor belief, it is possible to set and follow a strict timeline. All these

will be determined in a careful consultation phase.

3. Will you be able to use your kitchen and bathroom during construction?

It is common to find homeowners who cannot afford to rent another place as their kitchen

or bathroom is being renovated. Does the contractor accommodate such people? In case

you have to stay in your house during the remodeling, make sure that the contractor makes

living through construction as pleasant as possible. Discuss any house rules that are

deemed relevant to the remodeling

4. Will there be an individual on site every day?

Since contractors may have different projects underway, it is important to know if there

will be a person in your premises every day. The answer will give you a rough idea of

whether you are likely to experience inconveniences or delays throughout the remodeling

period. If you believe that the site workers are not skilled or professional enough then you

should hold off hiring that contractor.

5. What kind of warranty do they have?

You must always start by confirming that your contractor has the right licenses,

registration and certification to do remodeling work. Secondly, ask whether they have a

warranty or guarantee on the contractor’s work. Know what the warranty covers ad how

long it is in effect.

The right kitchen or bathroom remodeling contractor should be able to answer these

questions truthfully and transparently.

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